Don Peyote

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4. Peyote Dreaming 2008


Peyote Dreaming is an eclectic sonic odyssey that journeys to the far corners of the globe, all the while being set against the natural ambience of the Australian rainforest.      ;   This is a timeless release that evokes the true organic resonance of the Australian continent as a fusion of inspiration from both the indigenous and modern multicultural landscape.

Combining crisp production with intelligent arrangements Don Peyote draws upon global indigenous influences, otherworldly musical traditions and dub electronica influences to create an intricate soundscape - where every moment counts.

1. Bag One

2. It's Me Ernesto!

3. In Havana (Monsoon rmx)

4. Rainforest Bamboola

5. Born African (One Love Dub Mix)

6. Flutio Interlude

7. Song for Andre

8. 2012 a dub odyssey

9. Aqua Dub Remix

10. Peyote Dreaming

11. Phoenix Rising

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