Don Peyote

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9. Are U peyoted ? 1999 Rare Out Of Print edition



Are U peyoted ?       A Collection Of Trippy Tunes For Cosmic Go-Go Dancers

This CD is being put onto that special spot on the shelf that contains my top ten for 2000. Don Peyote has created a blissful collection of fat-psychedelic, down tempo grooves (apart from track 7, "mullumbimby man" which is a wild psy breakbeat track with a mad horn sweeping through the soundscape-sweet track!) plenty of low down breaks, higher consciousness psychedelic stream, thick acid lines and a whole lot of uninterupted funk. the subtitle most adequately states that it's "a collection of trippy tunes for cosmic go-go dancers"

DJ Kandyman, Tekno Renegade magazine



1. Guru From Ipanema (6:44) 2. Cosmic Go-Go Dancer (8:15) Featuring - Gabrielle Roth 3. Dharma (6:23) 4. R U Ready (5:04) 5. Flower Of Life (4:53) 6. Sea Of Tranquility (8:45) 7. Mullumbimby Man (6:36) 8. Journey To Ixtlan (5:49) 9. Untitled (6:00)



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