Don Peyote

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                                                          Don Peyote New Downtempo Introspective Album "BLUE "  Out Now !

This  Album willbe available on  Bandcamp only! 
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BLUE is a harmonic deep dive into the fathomless truth that we as humans are all equal in death. Don Peyote explores the inevitable mystery that binds us all, with a very personal almost private musical offering, that muses on both mortality and that what lies beyond the veil. His work is a tapestry of electronic sonics that evoke the inner ear in reverence, honour and absurdity to the inevitability of that ‘tap on the shoulder' we all will experience one day.   
                                                                                                             Eugene E-NRG / Space Between the Gaps Films

Don Peyote, like a good wine, just gets better with age.
His latest CD Blue is a masterpiece. Thirteen remarkable compositions take us  deep into the bardo traversing complex inner astral landscapes. It is at once intimidating, sober, transcendent and marvellously grand. Despite the gravity of the material, it is not without his trademark sense of humour.The production is superb and features the dazzling sound wizardry we have come to expect from the Don.
                                                                       Dar Pan