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Blue Lotus   
Don Peyote's   2015

Blue Lotus is Don Peyote's masterfully crafted sojourn into a dreamlike shamanic soundscape.

It is a deep meditative journey evolving beautifully from moment to moment, a moving meditation on the quiet power inherent in vast spaces radiating light even as darkness hovers along the edges.

In this imaginary trip to the amazon forest in search of the Blue Lotus, Don Peyote's effortlessly fuses tribal live instrumentation, sacred chants, Amazon forest field recordings and multi layered synthesised drones, the result is timeless and emotive.

This one hour introspective journey was originally designed as a musical backdrop for modern rituals and for optimum results it is recommended to listen to this experiential composition in one session ó preferably in a darkened meditative environment.

                                Sound clips


(Blue Lotus)

Deep Earth Groove

(Blue lotus)

Ripples and Mist


Blue Lotus


La Madre Icaro


Thunder in the Forest



(Blue lotus)



It was with great anticipation that I lay down to listen to  Don Peyote’s most recent aural sojourn into astral soul space.
I’ve been an avid fan of the Don ever since he started creating his sonically inspired journeys into multidimensional realms.
Blue Lotus continues in that tradition and represents a flowering of the unique style of deep trance music which has become his trademark.

The opening track sets the scene and places us within the rich and exotic atmosphere of Amazonia. As the trance is invoked  we are propelled into non-ordinary states inside the spiraling vortices of Ganga Giri’s didgeridoo glossolalia. Powerful healing chants,organic ethno-grooves and vivid synesthetic soundscapes effortlessly transport the listener into otherworldly realms whilst being simultaneously held within Mother’s embrace.
I highly recommend you take the journey!


Blue Lotus- Don Peyote

The first ten seconds of any album tell me whether I'm going to be listening to it more than once. I've been playing it non-stop for nearly a week. I love the Blue Lotus. Don Peyote presents a magnificent journey, haunting, evocative and completely immersive.

As a musician myself I can appreciate the depth of dedication and the heart that has gone into this work.
In the middle of the night when I've sat with this album I can honestly say this music has brought powerful visions to me. I'm extremely grateful for the Blue Lotus, entering my life at this time. Through this music I can almost hear the forest spirits speaking and the soul of the Earth singing.
I'm inspired. And I'm excited to share this with everyone I know.

Caiseal Mor

Don Peyote "Blue Lotus"

This is a relaxed and sumptuous auditory meditation, a musical story told in whispers in which to immerse yourself into... to allow yourself to be taken on a journey in search of the fabled "Blue Lotus", hidden somewhere within the depths of the Amazon rainforest...

From the very start to the last fading notes of this new long player from Don Peyote, the listener is compulsively and hypnotically drawn into an organic world of indigenous instrumentation of flutes, rain sticks, didgeridoo, simple but effective drum patterns and the voices and natural sounds of the forest... subtly and cleverly grafted with that of the electronic...

The warmth and clarity of the instruments and ethereal ambience bind with the body (and mind) and you are soon taken over by the natural, gentle ebb and flow of the compositions, as they take you further in to the forest...  It is an all encompassing but strangely familiar feeling as you delve further into this ever evolving environment... the light of the the tropical sun pervades but you still await the darkness of the forest, as it moves on the peripherals... evoking images of a simpler life away from the hustle and bustle of this digital age...

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album from start to finish on numerous occasions and on each listen, I am still taken to other worldly realms and envisage all of nature's beauty and awe before me...
I highly recommended this long player for those who wish to have a soundtrack to help reconnect with the earth and for the listener to experience their own "journey through the dreamtime"...

Ian Taylor / Liquid Lounge


Don Peyote is a much loved composer/producer in the electronic dub yard for his meditative dance beats, deep space and inquisitive searchings in music. While perhaps better known for dancefloor action, his seventh release Blue Lotus speaks more of the inner landscape  and reasonings than his previous releases. Gathering a collection of like minded musical travellers including Ganga Giri, Byron Metcalf and Dan Richardson, he has fashioned an ambient soundscape which traverses the Amazon rainforest, with some beats.

Beginnings & Deep Earth Groove introduce us the the forest. Field recordings layered with spacious yidaki drawn us into a mysterious space where Liquid Chimes & Ripples and Mist cement us in this other world. La Madre Icaro shares a tantalising sound of First Nations rhythm & sound, while The Way of Light is a sparse birdsong ambient affair which points to the meditative landscape. Title track Blue Lotus grounds the album in this otherworld space Peyote has created.

Elsewhere on the album frame drums meet rainmakers, rattles greet clay pipes and Peyote effortlessly spins the sounds into a magical, mysterious other.
An ambient release for journeying minds.....

Systa BB / RRR fm

The Good, The Dub & The Global


'Blue Lotus' Review : Sun Is Shining Dub n Chill


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