Don Peyote

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                                                                                     NEW RELEASE

                                                                 Don Peyote * Neptunian Melodies *

"Neptunian Melodies" by Don Peyote
Like water, this music defies form and logic by shaping itself seamlessly to the ear of the listener.
If the intention behind the music is to evoke ancient and familiar memories of amniotic bliss then this album surely hits the mark. This is fine fare for the musical gourmand, well marinated in Aquarian textures of blues and greens and steeped in the timeless flavours of oceanic ecstasy. The Don has gone back to his roots and produced a seminal guitar based album nested in the cool mystic grooves we have come to know and love from this extraordinary artist. The playing style is at times reminiscent of the genius of Mark Knopfler and at others of the majesty of David Gilmour and yet always retains its own unique sound. Each track is a signature in water revealing the unseen eddies and currents of celestial dreams. The aptly named “Hanging Gardens” features Jason Mist playing weissenborn slide guitar with the holographic harmonics of the Hang drum. Each track shifts one into the other with diverse textures such as the haunting terrain of “Red Mist”, the pristine transparency of “Water Temple” to the soaring flight of “Chariot of the Gods”.
All are seamlessly woven into a mystical tapestry of aural delight.
Chill out and treat yourself to a sonic massage which will leave you relaxed, inspired and uplifted.

This is a limited release and the digi-pack CD's will only be on sale via this web site & Bandcamp !

Thanks for supporting my music !

~Don Peyote ~