Don Peyote

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Don Peyote, a.k.a. Yvon Mounier, is a  composer ,music producer and multi- instrumentalist with a unique sound and a strong original style.
Based in Melbourne, Australia and operating from a home studio Don has created an extensive array of world-influenced dub & ambient compositions,
His music is featured in various dub, chill-out, world music, dance compilations as well as film. jingles and documentary soundtracks.
Don combines crisp production with intelligent arrangements, drawing upon indigenous, otherwordly and dub influences to create a soundscape where every moment counts.
Musical focus :
Trippy Down-tempo , World-influenced Psychedelic Dub and Deep Ambient Soundscapes for modern rituals.
Album Release :

Plutonic Serenades in 444Hz   2021 Album
Burn Babylon 2021 single track
Out of the Blue  with Hemi-Sync® 2021
Etherium 2020 Album Album
BLUE 2020 Album Album
Angel Sing ..DUB style 2019 single track 
Inner Portals 2018 Album Album
Neptunian Melodies
2017 Album Album
Ambient works EP
Blue Lotus 2015 Album
Heaven and Earth  2012    Album
Eternal Now with Hemi-Sync® 2009 Album
Peyote Dreaming 2007 Album
Dreamcatcher 2005 Album
Between Worlds 2004 Album
AreUpeyoted? - A Collection Of Trippy Tunes For Cosmic Go-Go Dancers 1999 Album
Compilations :

The Bleep Bleeps Global Ascendance /Clockbuster Groove Silicon Buddah 1999
Watsi watsi - Dance planet /Music mosaic 2001
Dharma - Ambi-Ant Beatz: A Chill-Out Journey Green Ant 2001
The Cosmic Washing Machine - Ministry of Sound Presents The Clubber's Bible Warner(UK) 2001
Bulgarian Interlude - Chill Out In Paris 2 ◄ Buddha bar George V Records 2002
Merci Monsieur - Psyborganic Transmission - Trance Journey Vol. 4 Green Ant 2002
Born African - Roots Of Dub Funk 4 Tanty Records 2004
Aqua Dub - Dissolving Clouds Interchill Records 2005
In Havana - Arcana Interchill Records 2006
La Melody - Villa Mercedes Ibiza Lounge 2008  
Ragga Agogo - Tranchillizer Peak Records 2008
Bobo Shanti - Life Present Estuary Records 2010

Production and remixes:
Ganga Giri - Manic Organic 1999
New world rythms - Image music 1996
Culture grooves _ Image music 1997
Ganga Giri - Tribe Vibe 2001
Ganga Giri - Beats Around The Bush  2003    track  4 Murrie Gubar Yugal ,5 Samba .8 Ancestors,
Ganga Giri - Raising It Up Ganga Giri  2006     02 Raising it up ,5 Fire in the Belly ,10 Swim of Sound
Yeshe _ World CitiZen 2005  Track 9 More Offspring remix
Ben Le Bordais - La Melody - Don Peyote Remix  Villa Mercedes / Ibiza Lounge 2008
Yuiko - Felicity  (Japan)  produced & mixed by Don Peyote 2011/2012

Film soundtrack ,documentaries and short film work

Entheogen /Awakening the Divine within / Feature Dir. Rod Man   : music contributor
True Blood  – HBO Original Series – EP: 204  Composition: “Aqua Dub”
Paquio Hatton HBO 24/7  Composition: “Aqua Dub”

Short films:
Bastard - spacebetweenthegaps   Dir Eugene E-NRG    Music & soundmix Don Peyote
The Other side - spacebetweenthegaps  Dir Eugene E-NRG    Music & soundmix Don Peyote
Space boy  / spacebetweenthegaps    Dir Eugene E-NRG    Music & soundmix Don Peyote
The Feather project   animation by Victor Holder      Music & soundmix Don Peyote
Rebirth of resonnance  animation by  Victor Holder    Music contributor  Don Peyote

We Call Them Intruders: A Documentary on Canadian Mining Companies in Africa
by Susi Porter-Bopp & Tamara Herman : music contributor Don Peyote
Barefoot bushman ''Dancing with dingoes'' /Channel 7/Discovery channels  Music Yvon Mounier
Barefoot bushman ''playing with snakes and lizards '' Channel 7/Discovery channels  Music Yvon Mounier
Whisper of the whales Dir : James Bradstock ...Music Yvon Mounier
Aqua clips By David Hannan  Music Yvon Mounier